Music & Dances of Old Russia
April 14th, 2019
Music & Dances of Old Russia

Welcome to the Russian Community Centre of Vancouver!

The Russian Community Centre, located in the heart of Kitsilano (the former Kitsilano Cinema), was established in 1956 in order to provide a venue for people interested in Russian culture to gather and socialize at various events.

Part of the mandate of the RCC is to promote and support Russian cultural activities. It has been the home of the Russian Balalaika Orchestra for 40 years, the Yablochko Russian Dance Ensemble for 19 years, the RCC Pushkin Saturday Children's Language School for 38 years, and most recent the Palme Theatre Group.

In 2006, the Russian Community Centre celebrated its 50th anniversary. We are grateful to those who, 50 years ago, had the vision, courage and determination to start this wonderful organization, as well as to all those who have participated and supported in the life to the RCC over the years.

The RCC continues to hold concerts and food fairs(bazaars) that are open to the general public, and encourages anyone interested in Russian culture to join in the activities at the hall.